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SSR has a proud reputation as the leader in restoring, conserving and erecting some of Sydney's most prestigious buildings and monuments, working in conjunction with local councils, major construction companies, architects, strata management companies, as well as in the residential market.


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2marbleslabbathroo.jpg - largeCleaning & Sealing - Bathrooms and Bench Tops


The cleaning and sealing of your stone can be like doing your own tax return, it seems pretty straight forward and you think you might save yourself a dollar or two, unfortunately for some the wrong products or method is used and you find you have a financial crisis happening in your bathroom. Again there are a lot of contractors or fly-bye nighters claiming they are experts in this field using the same products on all types of stone because “hey they used it last time and it worked” I don’t know how many times we’ve heard that line, and can’t count how many bathrooms, bench tops, floors and walls we have had to repair and repolish at great expense due to someonelses negligence, if we had of been called from the start it would’ve been a whole lot cheaper. We are experienced licensed stonemasons with the understanding of how and why your stone looks the way it does. We will explain the importance of maintaining your stone and guide you in the most professional manner with the right advice and know how. We have access to all the very best sealers and cleaning products on the market and don’t use any particular brand for every application like most of the contractors out there.


At Sydney Stone Restorations we understand how important it is to protect your stone whether it is a Calacatta slab bathroom or a small bench top or vanity top we have on hand experts and a wealth of knowledge to help maintain the pristine look of your stone.


8externalgraniteand.JPG - largeInterior and Exterior Facade


Stone facade can look a million dollars in its prime but if neglected or not maintained to its full potential can make a building look a lot older than it really is. Cleaning and sealing stone facade will definitely add value to the property whether it’s a multi storey skyscraper or a two storey terrace, there is no doubt the aesthetic appearance of a building will be enhanced after we complete the work.


Periodic cleaning of stone facade is a desirable part of maintenance since dirt can conceal, and in some cases encourage decay.


Stone facade comes in a number of different applications and depending on the stone used will depend on the cleaning and sealing method to take place. A variety of other factors can contribute to the drab look of a dirty stone clad building for example the jointing may have deteriorated or may have been incorrectly applied, SSR can accommodate this problem as we are experts in this field to.


No matter how high the exterior or interior facade work, or how difficult an area, SSR has the necessary equipment to cater for any situation. We also understand working time frames and have flexible working hours.


A full inspection and written report of the works to be undertaken on the building facade will be available on request and a detailed maintenance programme outlining cleaning procedures in point form will be finalised at the end of the work.


Sydney Stone Restorations is a Pty Ltd Company who offers this service with a full liability insurance of up to $20, 000000, workcover asserted and using only qualified experienced staff. We are involved in maintaining some of Sydney’s most exclusive and prestigious buildings and are regarded as the best in the Sydney metro having a repetitious cliental.


External french limestone and paradiso cladding, Sydney Gateway.

Graite and limestone internal cladding 400 George street

sandstone cladding GPO city

Granite and limestone cladding 400 George street 

A V-Joint detail seperates the two stone panels from floor to ceiling
mitred door opening detail in Quantum Quartz

sandstone balcony and columns

drystack sandstone




Stone Cladding, Walling and Facade Work - Residential


When considering the aesthetical appeal of your home, the concept and materials must work in harmony to achieve cohesion and balance sort to fill ones aspirations. By using stone as a medium you will create a visual impact that absorbs your senses as you find yourself touching it, feeling it and experiencing its hypnotic beauty. There are many types of stones and many different styles of walling and paving. Traditional methods to the latest modern day methods, random rubble, random square, snecked and dimension to name a few all of which we able to provide the vast range to our cliental.


Marble, granite and limestone, cut into panels and fixed as facade can create an overall elegant effect, whilst sandstone can be used in the same format, its qualities allow it to be worked to achieve a rough textured appearance known as rockfaced therefore clad in different styles using different techniques.


Whether you are dressing an external wall in dry-stack stone or cladding a bathroom with limestone panelling, building from scratch or wishing to clad your home in sandstone, we are able to propose ideas and thoughts to help you design and construct the look you wish to achieve. We can either work off architectural plans using dimensional stone or build a unique masterpiece out of natural uncut stone our tradesmen are well experienced in all fields.


At completion stone should have a presence not just what you see but how you feel around it, we take into consideration the size and scale of the project, the other finished surfaces, and most importantly the likes and dislikes of our clients, discussing, listening and interpreting their thoughts and ideals to create a look that enhances a home.


Curved drystack sandstone pillar

drystack sandstone

Cladd internal wall dry stack effect, random shape Mita Mita from Eco Concepts

Close up of Mita Mita, an Eco Concepts product which gives a dry stack look to an internal feature wall.

mitred door opening detail in Quantum Quartz
mitered window opening in Quantum Quartz
small bathroom with Quantum Quartz cladding floor to ceiling
A V-Joint detail seperates the two stone panels from floor to ceiling



Polished stone used as flooring or bench tops have a spellbinding affect to the onlooker. Colours of stone are of the purist natural forms of colour in the world captured millions of years ago by pressure, heating and cooling, causing the expanding and contracting of crystals to form a geological structure that cannot be replicated, a pre-historical time-capsule of beauty and elegance that when polished possesses a bewildering attraction and leaves you with an awe inspiring sense of bond from past to the present.


Grinding the top surface of stone from a course grade to the finest diamond grade before buffing with a polishing compound will reveal its magnificence. Depending on the type of stone will depend on the process on which the stone will be polished. We are able to polish all types of stone to their upmost potential.


Some stone surfaces will need to be prepared as to the condition they are in. Any faults in the floor are pointed out by our experienced polishers and rectified by a licensed stonemason, so you can be sure the job is done the right way, professionally!


Having over 20 years experience with the restoration and polishing of stone floors SSR is fully aware of the unforgivable damage that other inexperienced contractors have caused in the past with their lack of expertise and poor workmanship so be assured  and use only licensed stonemasons to achieve quality and excellence.


Polished marble tiled floor

Buffing a tiled granite floor

Damaged calacutta bench top

Polished marble floor SCC

Polished marble floor SCC.

Statutory marble  bathroom

Polished marble floor

Graite and limestone internal cladding 400 George street


Repairing or Replacing Stone


Sydney Stone Restorations offers a complete and professional service to repair or replace your defective stone whatever it may be. We are experts in restoring and refurbishing your stone project no matter how bad the problem. Undermined by three generations of stonemasons, our concise and energetic team of tradesmen have the knowledge and expertise in this field to service your needs professionally. Repairing and replacing all types of stonework is our forte, and has been for well over 30 years. Original methods handed down from father to son through the generations by verbal instruction only to the typically more academically approached restoration work as seen in modern day construction.


An inspection of the defective stone precedes any works to take place, and an understanding of the correct method of repair is discussed and analysed by our stonemasons.   


Great care is taken when correct patching to damaged stone is to be achieved maintaining the similar characteristics and paying particular attention to the aesthetics of the finished product. This procedure requires knowledge and experience of the material being worked on and its environment.


When the decision has been made to replace the stone, a replacement panel or block of the same type is located, dressed and or cut to size with the same specifications as the defective stone , and the chosen method of replacement applied by our qualified team.


We are licensed stonemasons overseen by a qualified licensed supervisor to ensure all restoration work is carried out to Australian Standards and to the code of practise for Stonemasonry Standards Australia.SSR holds all the necessary liability insurances and is work cover asserted, so contact us for consultation, we will be more than happy to help in anyway possible.


Residential Repairs


When enquiring about repair work it is important to consider whether the contractor you employ to undertake the work has the necessary skills and experience to achieve the highest possible result. They must understand the stones characteristics and make-up and  use the most desirable method of repair to well suit that particular stones requirements, if not you may end up with a less than average repair and live with something you are not happy with.


Each type of stone is different therefore different repair methods are adopted. Other factors to consider are the “conditions” in which the stone lies. There are many examples some of which are:

  • HIGH TRAFFIC/USAGE, usually floor or Bench top repairs need strength and durability to accommodate high impact and everyday wear and tear.
  • WEATHER, stone walls, facade or carvings which have been effected by erosion may need descaling, dressing back or repaired with special mortars.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL, this type of damage is often caused by pollutants in the atmosphere, acids and carbon monoxide  most common in city areas.


Aesthetically speaking colour matching is probably the most important aspect of any repair. Our stone repairers are experts in this field and combined with the derived knowledge, the appropriate base material and method to which the stone repair should be performed we strive to give you the ultimate result when repairing your stone.


So don’t be left wondering and hoping that your repair will   ” turn out O.K if or when he turns up”, use Sydney Stone Restorations pty ltd, the most recognised stone restoration company in Sydney to service your stone requirements and guarantee the best possible result, because we take pride in what we do for a living .           

polished sink cut out preparation 

Polished sink for under slung basin

This delaminated 40mm benchtop is a result of poor workmanship,notice the benchtop has fallen down at the back due to inexperieced installers.

After cleaning out the old glue and silicone,the 40mm edge glued back together and polished, the bench was set back into place and profesionally installed.

marble mosaic table in disrepair

marble mosaic table restored to new

antique marble pedestal under repair

Antique marble pedistal