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Repaired granite benchtop

This delaminated 40mm benchtop is a result of poor workmanship,notice the benchtop has fallen down at the back due to inexperieced installers.

After cleaning out the old glue and silicone,the 40mm edge glued back together and polished, the bench was set back into place and profesionally installed.

damaged granite cladding in the CBD.

repaired granite cladding CBD.

Granite Restoration & Repair Sydney 

Sydney Stone Restorations Pty Ltd is a fully insured and licenced stonemason company which offers granite repairs Sydney service and the highest standard of workmanship preserving and restoring all types of stone.  We are able to provide a concise and competitive quotation for your technical and stonework requirements, upheld by 3 generations of knowledge in the stone industry.


SSR has a proud reputation as the leader in all granite repair work in Sydney all carried out by licenced tradesman. We guarantee all of our granite repairs in Sydney if you would like a free quote for your granite repair work in Sydney please dont hesitate to call us  or send an email, it will help for the quotation of your granite repair in Sydney if you can send some photos of your granite repair in Sydney.


SSR is structured in a way that it's diversity enables us to service the smallest domestic granite repair work, whether it be a chipped or cracked granite kitchen benchtop repair or rejuvenating a marble bathroom to significantly more complex and experience restoration work such as restoring stone facades or block work on a heritage building. We specialise in all granite repair work in Sydney from large scale work to granite benchtop repair work in Sydney.


Over time this benchtop has slipped out of level, the result of a botched up installation.

sunken granite bench top due to poor installation

The edge has been ground back to take out the chips .

Finished ! the bench top has been leveled up, the joints reglued, properly supported underneath, all the chips taken out with a nice radius edge to help prevent from further chipping and the splash back re-siliconed to stop any water damaging the cupboards.

Cracked granite benchtop at sink area

Repaired granite benchtop

Another  stress crack in Juperano island bench notice natural vein or fisher on rhs crack in middle of picture

Juperano island bench repair complete, natural vein or fisher on rhs of pic,.

Juperano Granite with stress crack in L-shape internal corner

Repaired crack in L-shape benchtop

Close up of crack in Juperano granite

Close up of repair in Juperano granite

Juperano granite benchtops

Front strip broken in need of granite repair

Granite kitchen bench top repaired like new

polished sink cut out preparation 

Polished sink for under slung basin

Polished sink cut out ready for basin installation

Badly installed Blue Pearl bench top cracks in half

Blue Pearl bench top repaired

Another broken granite top

Another excellent repair job

split edge on a mitred waterfall panel

Repaired edge on mitred waterfall panel

broken granite bench top

granite bench top repair like new